Apr 242012

Director: Martin Campbell


Running Time: 114 minutes

Release Date: 6/17/2011

Genre: Comic Book, Superhero, DC

CastHal Jordan / Green Lantern(Ryan Reynolds), Carol Ferris(Blake Lively), Hector Hammond(Peter Sarsgaard), Sinestro(Mark Strong), Hammond(Tim Robbins), Carl Ferris(Jay O. Sanders), Tom Kalmaku(Taika Waititi), Doctor Waller(Angela Bassett)

SynopsisA dying alien selects brash test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) to take over for him as a guardian for the sector of the universe that includes the Earth. Once Hal dons the green ring and recites an oath, he becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corps with the ability to create almost anything out of green energy to battle evil. He must quickly learn to use his powers to defeat an evil entity called Parallax and his human minion Hector Hammond that are menacing the Earth.

Analysis: My personal experience with the Green Lantern was limited to Saturday morning cartoons like the Superfriends, but in High School I had a friend that was really into the comic book. I never really understood the draw because he seems like such a minor character.

The film changed my opinion by showing that the Green Lantern is part of a large organization of Aliens from all over the universe,he is actually very powerful and that there is a lot more to him that I had previously imagined. I also didn’t realize Sinestro was also a Green Lantern at first before he turns evil.

I did not like the filming style of much of the film though. It seemed like CG was over used and that the director should have just gotten rid of the real humans in the film and went the cartoon route.


  • Very interesting hero origin story.
  • Parallax is an awesome looking villain.
  • Convincing destruction of parts of Coast City


  • Some of the music sounded like Superman the movie score.
  • Parallax’s attack on earth is a bit too much like the enemy from the Fifth Element.
  • No concept of how far things are away from each other in space. One moment on earth, the next moment right next to the sun.

Conclusion: As far as superhero movies go, I think this one a little better than most. It might disappoint the mega fans, and turn off those that do not like superheroes, but those that fall in the middle should enjoy this movie.

Score: 2.43

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