Apr 192012

Director: Gareth Edwards


Running Time: 94 minutes

Release Date:9/30/2010

GenreScience Fiction

CastAndrew Kaulder(Scoot McNairy), Samantha Wynden(Whitney Able), Ticket Seller(Mario Zuniga Benavides), Homeless Woman(Annalee Jefferies), Marine(Justin Hall), Marine(Ricky Catter)

SynopsisIn the near future a space probe brings back alien spores that infest Mexico with giant squid-like creatures. As the United States is finishing a wall to keep the aliens out, Andrew Kaulder’s (Scoot McNairy) boss asks the photojournalist to find his daughter and get her home from Central America before the military closes the borders to stop and alien migration. After missing the last boat out, Andrew and his charge, Samantha Wynden (Whitney Able) must make their way back to American though the alien-infested areas of the Infected Zone.

Analysis: I thought that this film was pretty good for having such a low budget and I later found out that it was even lower than I had initially assumed. The director had a very small crew, filmed in many locations without permission and used random locals and asked them improvise the dialogue. Then he did all of the editing and special effects on his computer at home.

So it is pretty impressive that he was able to take all of this and form it into a coherent and entertaining film.


  • Aliens look fairly realistic and a bit like Cthulhu!
  • Landscape littered with crashed planes and broken ships makes Infected Zone seem real.
  • Geographically wrong, but nice Mayan temple.


  • Not very many aliens.
  • Some of the dialogue seems like filler.
  • At times the characters didn’t seem to think the aliens were real even though they have seen them and are a fact of life for past 6 years.
  • Samantha has to pee too often.

Conclusion: I wasn’t expecting much , but this very independent film is about 10 times better than any of those crappy Mega Tornado vs Alien Shark films churned out for the Syfy channel.

Score: 2.38/5

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