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Director: Ridley Scott

Rating: PG

Running Time: 94 minutes

Release Date:12/13/1985

Genre: Fantasy

CastJack(Tom Cruise), Lili(Mia Sara), Lord of Darkness(Tim Curry), Gump(David Bennent), Blix(Alice Playten), Screwball(Billy Barty), Brown Tom(Cork Hubbert), Pox(Peter O’Farrell), Blunder(Kiran Shah), Oona(Annabelle Lanyon)

Synopsis: Long ago the Lord of Darkness, a twelve-foot tall horned demon, rules in the dark underworld and must kill the last unicorn to destroy the daylight and rule the world. Jack (Tom Cruise) is a ‘forest child’ and is in love with the princess Lili (Mia Sara), but then a band of goblins kidnap her. Jack and a band of dwarves, elves, and faeries must fight ogres, goblins, trolls to rescue Lili and the last unicorn and save the world from the Lord of Darkness.

AnalysisThis movies might be one of those that you had to see when you were young and before you knew that Tom Cruise was a crazy person, but I still enjoy it. I think that Cruise does a pretty good job as a naïve young adventurer and Mia Sara is great when she transforms from the sweet and pure Lili to the evil version of herself.

On the negative side, I’ve always liked Tim Curry, but I think that anybody could have been the Lord of Darkness because he is buried under makeup and his voice is unrecognizable due to artificial enhancement.


  • The sets are very detailed and varied.
  • Billy Barty as Screwball.
  • Evil dress dances the waltz.
  • Very great evil monsters like the goblins and trolls.


  • Unicorn sound like dolphins.
  • Random crazy appearance of bubbles for no reason.
  • Soundtrack is a little annoying.
  • Lord of Darkness’ horns are just a little too long.

Conclusion: This is a fun film from the 80s. It might not be for everyone, but the special effects are pretty good and the faerie folk are funny. Might be worth watching it if you catch it on TV.


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