Mar 302012

Developer: Armor Games

System: Web Browser

Length: Long or Short Depending on Skill

Release Date: 6/19/2008

Website: Indestructo Tank!

Type: War, Tank, Skill

Cast: Indestructo Tank, Helicopters, Miners, and Planes

Synopsis: The enemy helicopters, tracked vehicles and planes are coming to bomb you! One thing they didn’t count on was your tank being indestructible! When they drop their bombs, you are thrown in the air and hit as many enemy vehicles as you can before your fuel runs out!

Analysis:A few years ago, I played the game Garry’s Mod or Gmod for short. It is a physics sandbox game and is so complicated that it required the creation of tutorials and discussion on many forum sites. My favorite site was called Tricky’s Tutorials and on it I wasted much time  and developed many friends.

The owner Tricky added this game to the arcade on the site and once I found it, I could not stop playing it until I had beat the high score. It took quite about a week to get pretty good at it and I had fun doing so. This game is pretty simple, but there is and element strategy. As you pass a level you can increase the frequency of the enemy vehicles and there are a few that actually hinder your progress, I learned that the hard way!


  • Mindless fun.
  • Long chains of explosions.
  • Addictive.


  • Surprisingly high graphics load.
  • Music can be monotonous.

Conclusion: Fun game and very easy to pick up. Good for a Friday afternoon when you are stuck at work, have nothing to do and are waiting for 5:00 to hurry up and arrive!

Bonus Tip: Don’t buy very many Homer planes because they keep you in the air for too long!

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