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Developer: Volition, Inc.

SystemPlayed on XBOX 360, but also on PS3 and PC

Length: Open Ended (Estimated at least 40 hrs)

Release Date: 6/3/2009

GenreScience Fiction

Type: Third Person Shooter, Destructible Environment (Most buildings destroyable)

CastAlec Mason(Player), Dan Mason, Sam, Randy Jenkins, Marauders, EDF forces.

SynopsisIn 2120 Alec Mason travels to a recently terraformed Mars and joins his brother Dan. After treacherous EDF (Earth Defense Forces) soldiers kill his brother, Alec uses guerrilla tactics to get revenge and liberate Mars from the EDF. Along the way, he finds help from Sam the inventor, violent paranoid Randy Jenkins, and even the feral Marauders.

Analysis: I love this game. Almost every building is destructible and there is a wide assortment of upgradable ‘mining’ tools that double as weapons including; remote-controlled explosives, rocket launchers , and disintegration guns. Alec’s main weapon is a futuristic sledgehammer and as he upgrades it becomes more powerful. With it, he can smash down buildings with just a few blows. Also, there are more than 20 different vehicles for crashing though buildings and chasing down enemies.

The developer’s great attention to detail is impressive. For instance, when insane Randy Jenkins takes you on a mission, he rants about the EDF and even invents a martian language and keeps going for the 5 minutes of the mission. Another time, I threw a sticky bomb at an EDF soldier and it stuck on his head. In a panic, he runs around, swearing and trying to shake it off his head. It was funny in a sick sort of way.


  • Setting up remote charges on a series of smokestacks, climbing a hill to get a good view, push the triggering and watching them fall down.
  • Flying around Mars on a jet-pack.
  • Sad, and creepy hidden ghosts at radio tag locations.
  • Being nearly invincible while driving a tank around.


  • Walkers are very clumsy
  • Some parts of buildings are indestructible.
  • Not able to fly EDF fliers.

Conclusion: My kids downloaded the demo for this game and kept wanting me to play it. When I finally tried it out, I became obsessed with it. The only problem was that it was only one mission. That night, I went to Gamestop and found a great deal for a used copy for $10. The kids made me promise that I wouldn’t play the game when they were at school. I was able to keep that promise most days, but it was very difficult!

Bonus Tip: Practice with some of the rifles available in the game. They are hard to aim at first, but once you do they are very effective weapons and always available when you run out of ammo for your other weapons.

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