Mar 162012

Author: Juicy Beast

System PC- Played on

Length: Long, can play many hours to get achievements and upgrades.

Release Date: February 2012

GenreWrestling and Candy

Type: Flight, Launcher

Link: Burrito Bison Revenge

CastBurrito Bison and many types of gummy bears that Burrito Bison must squashed as he flies though the air!

Synopsis:  In this sequel to Burrito Bison, you still play Burrito Bison, a famous wrestler. During a wrestling match in Candyland, he realizes that he is missing his wallet. So instead of continuing the fight, he launches himself by pulling back the ropes and letting go. As he flies though the air he bounces off flying and ground based gummies, hoping that he has enough kinetic energy to make it to the end of Candyland where his wallet is. Along the way, he can pick up money to buy upgrades for advanced techniques to make him fly better and to increase the chance to find rarer gummies for better lift and more money.

Analysis: Even though the game is repetitive after a few hours, I became obsessed with winning and getting every upgrade and achievement. I love upgrades.


  • Fun game with great upgrades!
  • Gummies must be smashed!
  • Sequel added many new gummies.


  • I didn’t like how you don’t get close to getting all the upgrades before finishing the main game.
  • In Survival mode, the upgrades don’t work as well as in the main game. Not sure if it is a glitch, but should work the same in both.

Conclusion: Fun game, but expect to waste at least a few hours because it is so addictive!

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