Feb 252012

Director:  Zack Snyder

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 110 minutes

Release Date: 3/25/2011

Genre:  Action Adventure

Cast: Babydoll(Emily Browning), Amber(Jamie Chung), Sweet Pea(Abby Cornish), Blondie(Vanessa Hudgens), Rocket(Jenna Malone), Stepfather(Gerard Plunkett), Dr Gorsky (Carla Garski), Blue Jones(Oscar Isaac), High Roller/Doctor(John Hamm),  and Wise Man(Scott Glenn)

Synopsis:  Sucker Punch begins with a 20 year old girl,Babydoll(Emily Browning), struggling with her abusive stepfather(Gerard Plunkett) and her sister accidentally being killed.  Fearing he will be implicated in the murder and past abuse will be uncovered, her stepfather takes her to a mental hospital to be locked up and he bribes a crooked orderly, Blue Jones(Oscar Isaac), to put her on the fast track to getting a lobotomy. Babydoll soon realizes that she must escape the hospital and enlists the help of other inmates, but then has a break with reality and imagines that she and Amber(Jamie Chung), Sweet Pea ( Abby Cornish), Blondie(Vanessa Hudgens), and Rocket(Jenna Malone) are all dancers in a brothel.

Each time that Babydoll must dance in the brothel she halucinates another reality  Initially, she imagines that she is in a Japanese temple where she is  given weapons and quest to find five items by the Wise Man(Scott Glenn) and then she fights 3 demonic giant Samurai.  After she defeats the Samurai, she is transported back to the Brothel and everyone is impressed with the dance she just completed.  She has several more episodes that include; zombies, dragons, and defusing bombs, each one more vivid and stylized than the last, reminding the viewer that the director, Zack Snyder, also directed 300 and Watchmen.

Once she finally gets all of the needed objects, she is able to attempt her escape along with Sweat Pea.  Both may be able to escape, but it might not be how the view expects.

Pro:  Sucker Punch is a very visually impressive movie and the soundtrack is pretty good too.  The best parts were;

  • The first fight against the giant Samurai golems accented by the remix of Bjork’s “Army of Me” and the impressive sight of the temple being knocked down.
  • The WWI flashback scene reminded me of a combination of the old pc game Crimson Skies with a healthy dose of steampunk and zombies thrown in and included a great remix of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”.
  • Jenna Malone was good in the movie Saved! and I think she was also one of the better actresses in this film.

Con: I think that while the movie was nice to look at and had great music it was lacking in plot and more like a disconnected series of music videos.  It did not go into great detail explaining why Babydoll was having all of the hallucinations and why she was having hallucinations within her hallucinations.  I would have also liked some more details of her life before the movie starts.

It was also strange that they never really showed Babydoll dancing, she would always shift into a deeper fantasy when the dances went beyond undulating. Then she was just shooting monsters for a bit and then back to the brothel world where everyone was amazed with her dancing ability.

Conclusion: When I saw the tv commercials for this film I was really excited to see it because it looked like a really good fantasy-adventure, but once I saw the movie I was disappointed with it.  I thought that it could have done without the brothel aspects of the movie, not because it was dirty too sexy, but because they were boring and took away from the action aspects of the film.  The movie was trying to convey some sort of grand message in the end, but I really couldn’t find it and I wouldn’t recommend this movie and would not watch it again,  but I might buy the soundtrack!


Frank’s Ratings


Characters 2
Story 2
Special Effects 4
Would Watch Again? 1
Average 2.5

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